Family Cookbook

Cooking and enjoying meals with your child is an excellent opportunity to learn and spend time together. Preparing food and dining together at home play a key role in helping children build healthy eating habits that can last a lifetime. Balancing fun and quality time in the kitchen will help them better understand themselves and develop a healthy relationship with food. The more they learn about food, the more likely they are to try new dishes and maintain a healthy diet.

This cookbook provides easy and affordable recipes for you to make with your child. There are many natural learning opportunities for your child in helping to prepare meals. Start small and build their skills and confidence. Think of all the reading, writing, mathematics, science, communication and relationship skills that your child is developing through spending quality time together in hands-on learning around healthy eating. Notice how much they are learning, praise their efforts and celebrate how skilled they are becoming.

Cooking together builds family bonds and a sense of belonging which are core values of Welcome to Kindergarten.

Canadian Education Warehouse would like to extend our appreciation to all those who volunteered their time and expertise in providing guidance and feedback on the Welcome to Kindergarten Family Cookbook.

In particular, we would like to acknowledge:

  • Megan Bale-Nick, RD, Manitoba School Nutrition Action Group
  • Katherine Ford, MSc, RD
  • Amanda Hamel, RD, Manitoba School Nutrition Action Group
  • Vanessa Lam, RD, Public Health Dietitian, Vancouver Coastal Health

If you would like to provide feedback on the Family Cookbook, please email
[email protected]