Welcome to Kindergarten ™

Talk, Read, Create and Play Every Day!

Welcome to Kindergarten™ brings families, schools and communities together to support children’s early development through play-based learning.

Empowers families as their child's first and best teacher

Facilitates a warm welcome to school

Professionally-developed strategy for educators and schools

Welcome to Kindergarten is built on the Talk, Read, Create and Play Every Day model – experiential learning that helps develop children’s literacy, math, creativity, physical and social-emotional skills and competencies.

Talking and singing builds relationships, memory and a sense of belonging

Creating builds problem-solving skills, imagination and spatial sense

Reading builds vocabulary, a sense of story and knowledge

Playing builds decision making, cooperation, curiosity, physical skills and confidence

Why Welcome to Kindergarten?

Play-based learning is one of the most effective approaches to develop the foundational skills for success in school and in life.
The Welcome to Kindergarten program:
  • Offers families resources and teaches them how to engage in play-based learning with their child
  • Involves families, children, educators and community representatives in a ‘circle of support’ to give children a warm welcome to school
  • Content is developed by ECE subject matter experts who are available to schools for support in implementing WTK in the classrooms
  • Has a special focus on diversity, representation and inclusion
  • Takes advantage of economies of scale and expert resources to provide a turn-key approach that easily integrates with or supplements existing programs at low cost to schools, boards and districts (and no cost to teachers) 

Welcome to Kindergarten includes:

The hands-on program brings families, schools and communities together to reinforce the importance of play-based learning and help families prioritize it at home for a positive start to school.
WTK Resource Bag

Includes an activity guide and specially selected early learning resources to Talk, Read, Create and Play Every Day with children.

WTK Family Orientation Session

Families engage in fun, play-based activities with their child at a session led by their child's new educator and meet other school and community members.

WTK Learning Through Play

New in 2022!

A series of activities themed to Talk, Read, Create and Play Every Day helps families engage in play-based learning with their children throughout Kindergarten.

Welcome to Kindergarten for:

Educators, Schools, School Boards & Districts

Learn more about how you can bring Welcome to Kindergarten to your school, school board/district. Take advantage of this turn-key program that is easy to implement, cost-effective, supported by expert pedagogy, and adaptable to your community's needs.


Check out the free resources below and talk to your child's school about Welcome to Kindergarten.

Welcome to Kindergarten Resources for Families

Welcome to Kindergarten Family Cookbook

Cooking and enjoying meals with your child is an excellent opportunity to learn and spend time together. Preparing food and dining together at home play a key role in helping children build healthy eating habits that can last a lifetime. Learn more in the Family Cookbook.

Welcome to Kindergarten Music

Children’s singer and songwriter Bob Schneider has recorded ten fun, interactive songs that encourage children and their families to sing, dance and play together. Use the songs' lyrics and activities to help your kids sing and dance along!

Welcome to Kindergarten is a program offered by individual schools or districts.

Here are some resources that you and your child might enjoy together:

You may wish to reach out to your child's teacher to talk more about the Welcome to Kindergarten program.

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