About Us

Twenty-five years ago on October 21st, 1997, Daniel Niesing, an experienced educator, had a vision to establish a Canadian owned school supply company that emphasized experiential learning focused on supporting children’s early development through play.

In 2005, CEW became a partner for the Welcome to Kindergarten program. Providing product development, procurement, and logistics, CEW has demonstrated fidelity to the program. Daniel and his company recognize the important role WTK has in creating curriculum connections and implementing research that demonstrates the significance of parent and family engagement.

In the spring of 2022, faced with the closure of The Learning Partnership, Daniel and his team could not let the Welcome to Kindergarten program end. School boards and families across Canada, have come to expect that Welcome to Kindergarten / Bienvenue à la maternelle are part of the transition to school! Canadian Education Warehouse is pleased to announce that on its twenty fifth anniversary, it has acquired the full rights to the assets of Welcome to Kindergarten.

This allows for a seamless continuation of this excellent program and the service it offers. We are so pleased to be able to continue the Welcome to Kindergarten program / Bienvenue à la maternelle legacy.

Welcome to Kindergarten program will continue exactly as planned… a seamless transition for the 2022-2023 school year.

Our Program Manager Team has been reinstated and looks forward to supporting your school and district this year. They will be providing you with further details about the WTK program.

Canadian Education Warehouse remains committed to empowering families as their child’s first and best teachers, facilitating a warm welcome to school and collaborating with educational partners both now and in the future!