Kindergarten: A Big Step!

Daniele CasciatoRead, Talk

Starting school for the first time is a big deal for your child. It brings up many different emotions like excitement, joy, fear, and uncertainty. Here’s how you can talk to your child about these feelings:

Be Positive and Create Excitement

Tell your child that school is like an exciting adventure. Talk about the fun things they’ll do, like making new friends, doing cool activities, and learning interesting things. When you’re enthusiastic, it rubs off on them! 

Be There and Pay Attention

Set aside special times to talk with your child about school. Give them your full attention, and really listen to what they have to say. This shows them that you care. 

Ask Open-ended Questions

Encourage your child to share by asking questions like:

  • What was the most exciting thing you learned today? or Did you learn something new today? 
  • Who was kind to you today? How did you show kindness?
  • What made you laugh? 
  • Did you try something new today? 
  • What are you thankful for today? 
  • What did you like during recess or lunch?
  • Tell me about a new new friend you made at school. 

These questions help them share details about their day. 

Understand Their Feelings

School can make your child feel all sorts of things - happy, nervous, excited, or even scared. It’s okay! Let them know it’s normal to feel this way and tell them that school is a safe place. 

Problem-Solving Together 

When your child faces challenges at school, help them think of solutions. This teaches them problem-solving and shows them you’re there to help.

Celebrate Achievements

Whenever your child accomplishes something at school, celebrate! It can be small or big. Praise their efforts and encourage them even when things get tough. Mistakes are part of learning! 

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