Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Daniele CasciatoCreate, Play

We're going on a Scavenger Hunt!

Looking for things outside can be a fun way to notice our natural world.

It helps to:

  • develop observation skills by encouraging children to pay attention and be curious about things around them
  • develop problem solving skills by challenging children to think creatively 
  • promote physical activity such as running, jumping and climbing

Here are some things you might look for outside! 

  • Find a yellow flower or leaf
  • Spot an insect
  • Find a rock shaped like a triangle
  • Spot a bird’s nest
  • Look for an animal shape in the clouds
  • Spot a butterfly
  • Find a leaf bigger than your hand
  • Spot a squirrel or a rabbit
  • Find a tree or stick that looks like the letter “y”
  • Find a feather


Encourage children to generate their own scavenger hunt ideas for friends and family. 

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